Paul Stack Death, Obituary – My brother Paul Stack passed away unexpectedly, and I must share the awful news of his passing. Throughout his career, Paul has had positions at Chrysler, Midtown Derby, and Modern Garage. He assisted his father with drilling wells for a limited period of time when he was a youngster. In 1994, he and Pam moved in to the property to retire. Paul treasured his memories of growing up on the Stack farm. Each day, he and his siblings rode their bikes or walked the short distance to school.

They put in a lot of effort, but they also made time for pleasure. When Paul returned home from school, he recalled a day when there was power. Paul and Doyle ran a successful cattle farming business. He was a big fan of the great outdoors and hunting. He had a large garden and had spent most of his life watching it grow. On his farm, he would often be spotted driving a four-wheeler while wearing his overalls, holding a Pepsi in one hand and the four-wheeler in the other.

His family only ever recognized him when he had oil under his fingernails because he was such a brilliant technician. He had a great time working at the Midtown Derby with Doyle and J.B. Farrell; they had a lot of fun and made some great memories there. That encounter will always stay with him. If the “Derby Boys” had given you a moniker, you were well aware of your unique position. May you find peace and happiness in the next life, brother.

Paul is survived by his devoted wife Rita, his brother Francis William, their children Linda Reibsome (Steve Dodge), John Folwell IV (Tina), and Margaret Folwell, as well as 14 grandchildren. Rita is also survived by Paul’s children Cynthia Harmon, Suzanne, and Paul, Jr. I want to express my gratitude in particular to the Kirkhaven Nursing Home’s fifth-floor employees.