Pearl Barbour Death, Obituary – Pearl Kathleen Barbour, age 94, of Waterside, New Brunswick, passed away on December 18th, 2022 in the Moncton Hospital. She was accompanied by a friend during her final moments. Pearl was born and raised in Waterside, thus she has known no other place to call home for her whole existence. She was the daughter of the late Joseph Barbour and Angelina (Forsythe), and her grandparents Howard and Bernice (Carnwath) Barbour provided a supportive atmosphere for their granddaughter. She was the daughter of Joseph Barbour and Angelina (Forsythe). Angelina was a common name for her.

Pearl spent her childhood toiling away on the farm that belonged to her grandparents. She began lending a hand on the farm at a young age. As a result of this, she developed a high level of self-reliance, and she never shied away from difficult employment opportunities. This petite but mighty woman took care of her grandmother from 1942 until 1959, a span of time that spans the decades. During that time period, in addition to her employment at Friars’ Restaurant, she held a job at one of the Chalets located within Fundy Park. In her later years, she worked as a caregiver at the Jordan Nursing Home in River Glade. The most of the patients there were in their senior years, thus she largely took care of them.

However, you would never have realized it from the way that she carried herself; she was young in heart, and she always had a spring in her step. She had a passion for assisting older people, which she pursued even when she was a senior herself. Pearl was a member of the Ladies Auxiliary at Forest Dale Home, gave her time with the Boy Scouts, and contributed a significant amount of food to all of the activities that were held in the neighborhood. In addition to that, she was a volunteer with the Boy Scouts. Pearl engaged in all of these pursuits with Dorothy Hoar, her most trusted friend and confidante, standing by her side the entire time.

She had a particularly close relationship with her nephew Raymond, his wife Nancy, and their children, and she looked forward to seeing them during each of their frequent visits along with the rest of her family, which included her sister Doris and her family. They paid Pearl a number of visits over the course of the years, and they cherished the many opportunities that presented themselves to spend time with her. They racked up a lot of beautiful memories, which they would cherish for the rest of their life and always look back on with fondness.