Phyllis Schroeder Obituary – Phyllis epitomized all that Millard South is known for her good deed, which includes having staff members that are sensitive, kind, dedicated, and helpful. Phyllis was the embodiment of all that Millard South stands for. Phyllis was a perfect representation of each of these qualities. Phyllis exemplified each and every one of these qualities to the fullest extent imaginable, making her the model for all of them.

In the future, it is almost certain that a very big number of people will think of her favorably and with affection. Phyllis had a total of twenty years of experience working for him, and every single one of those years was spent in this particular position. He told me that getting to work with her was one of the most memorable experiences of his life, that she was there for him no matter what, and that she was one of the best neighbors that anyone could ask for.

He also told me that she was one of the best neighbors that anyone could ask for. In addition to that, he mentioned to me that she was one of the best neighbors that anyone could hope to have. She was always upbeat and optimistic about life, which was one of my favorite aspects of her, and it is one of the things that I am going to miss the most about her now that she has passed away.

In every aspect imaginable, Phyllis embodied the exact definition of what it meant to be a woman. She put a lot of thought to the things that were essential to the things that were important to my kids. I have no problem giving her credit for the many different ways in which she helped them since she is someone who deserves that honor. I am pleased to do so. Not only in terms of the knowledge they have obtained, but also in terms of the friendships they have cultivated, this person is an amazing model of a person to look up to and emulate.

What an incredibly amazing person they are to have on the sports training staff, in the academic community, in the corporate sector, and even in their personal circle of friends; they deserve the very best. It was she who brought it up in the conversation.