Ryland Garner  Death, Obituary –  Ryland Wayne “Moe” Garner was born on March 20th, 1941 in Rockport, Missouri. His full name is Ryland Wayne “Moe” Garner. Ryland Wayne “Moe” Garner is his complete name in full. His mother was Marion, and his mother’s mother was Mildred Geneva Mayo Garner. He was named after both of his parents. Ryland wed Mary Evelyn Cannon on October 8, 1961 in Mt. Ayr, Iowa, and the couple went on to have five children: Ronny, Barbie, Rodney Dean, Amy, and Marcia.

Ryland and Mary Evelyn Cannon had five children: Ronny, Barbie, Rodney Dean, Amy, and Marcia. Ronny, Barbie, Rodney Dean, Amy, and Marcia Cannon are the five children that were born to Ryland and Mary Evelyn Cannon. Mary had passed away in the year 1975 at the time of her passing. The wedding took place in the community of Fieldon on September 27th, 1979, and was attended by Moe and Debbie Dale. They were preceded in death by their son, who was also named Anthony (Tony), and both of them passed away before to Moe’s passing in the year 1997.

On December 15, 2001, Georgia Khlantzos, who is still alive today, became his wife, and they went through with the wedding in Carrollton. The ceremony took place the following year. Moe’s wife Georgia, along with his sisters Sue (Frank) Carson and Bonnie Ward, all of Diagonal, Iowa, and Shenandoah, Iowa, will miss him very, very much. Moe was very close to all of his sisters. Additionally, Moe had a strong connection to their family in Shenandoah, Iowa.

His brother-in-laws, William Tridle and Peter Khlantzos Godfrey, both of Orient, Iowa, and his sister-in-law, Lois Garner, of Ottumwa, Iowa, in addition to his children Barb (Steve) Bailey of Kampsville, Marcia Zirkelbach of Hardin, and Dean (Chris) Garner of Eldred, in addition to the spouses of his children: Il, Mary, and Dean Garner; in addition John Jilg Carrollt, the son in law of Carrollt His sons Ronny and Tony, daughter Amy, and wives Mary and Deb all predeceased him, as did his parents, siblings Bill (Betty), Harold, LoDean Garner, and Maxine Tridle, sister-in-law Maria Swan, brother-in-law William Ward, and Mother-in-law Maggie Pennington.

His sons Ronny and Tony, as well as his daughter Amy, also predeceased him. Additionally, his sons Ronny and Tony were both murdered in an automobile accident, as was his daughter Amy. All three of his children perished in the same tragedy. His great-grandparents, his father, his two sons, Ronny and Tony, and his daughter, Amy, in addition to both of his wives, Mary and Deb, all passed away before he did. Also predeceased by him were his daughter, Amy.