Scott Robert Death, Obituary – As a result of the fact that this is in compliance with the directive that we were given by him, we will not be providing any services at this time. Rituals were carried out in conjunction with the cremation that was carried out. These ceremonies included the burning of a body. The world was first introduced to Robert Dale Scott Jr. on April 3, 1957, and it was in the city of Wilmington, located in the state of North Carolina, that he was given his first breath.

Robert Dale Scott Jr. was the only child of his parents, Robert Dale Scott Sr. and Kathryn (Hazouka) Scott, who did not go on to have any further children of their own. Robert Dale Scott Jr. was named after his father. Robert Dale Scott Sr. is the name of the man who raised him. The year 1975 was the one in which he was awarded his diploma from Rock Island High School, signifying that he successfully completed all of the requirements necessary to graduate from high school.

Robert has spent his entire life attempting to alleviate the suffering caused by his illness. When he was younger, he had a deep passion for athletic competitions of all kinds, but in particular, he loved going to see race horses compete. In particular, he loved watching them win. Robert was an avid golfer who used his left hand to play the game and found a great deal of satisfaction in doing so. He swung the bat left-handed, earning him a reputation for it.

He participated in the sport of golf while he was a student at the high school and was successful enough to bring home several prizes as a result of his participation. Robert had great pleasure in visiting several automotive dealerships on the weekends during his free time and daydreaming about making a purchase. This was his go-to activity whenever he had some spare time. The folks that were able to get out from the fire are either first or second cousins to one another. This makes up a significant fraction of the survivors. Because he was born in this incarnation after his parents had already passed away, he did not have the opportunity to get to know them before they passed away.