Susan Anzolin Obituary – Susan Anzolin’s death has been announced, and an obituary may be seen here. Susan Anzolin, who resided in Windsor, Ontario, passed away in a tragic and unexpected manner, and we have learned this with a heavy heart. She leaves behind loved ones who are suffering from grief, sorrow, and despair. Susan’s plans for furthering her education included attending both West Frankfort Community High School and Stephen’s College.

She relocated to the Chicagoland area and worked for two different advertising firms before to being contacted by Nancy Hennicke of Sports Illustrated about working for the publication. She is now employed by Sports Illustrated. She was able to acquire a wealth of knowledge in the advertising field throughout her time spent in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Currently, she works for Sports Illustrated in one of their editorial roles. She had a job at Sports Illustrated for eleven years, and it was at that time that she first met David, who would go on to become her husband. During that time, she worked for Sports Illustrated. They did not get married for another five years after they had been together for the first time; after that, they did not get married at all.

As a married pair, they are the proud guardians of two little ones. After that, Susan decided to increase the amount of money she was bringing in by getting a part-time job at Glen Ellen Storage/Mayflower, where she would work in the evenings and on the weekends. In 1971, David and Susan exchanged their vows, which marked the beginning of their lives together as a married pair and brought them one step closer to the role of husband and wife.

David and Susan have been happily married ever since. One of the things that interested them the most was the possibility of taking their three dogs, Butch, Bubba, and Corky, along with them on road trips in their RVs to a variety of locations throughout the United States of America, Alaska, and Canada. The key one that piqued their interest in taking part in the activity was found to be this particular one.

Susan was often seen accompanying David on his trips to Mayflower conventions and other moving and storage activities with the Mayflower Warehousemen’s Association. Susan was also spotted traveling alongside David aboard the Mayflower. The sight of Susan in attendance at these functions was not uncommon at all. Because needlework was one of Susan’s most cherished hobbies, it was not uncommon to find her engaging in the activity during the trips that the two of them took together (MWA).