Trevor Purdy Death, Obituary –  After learning the devastating news that Trevor, a friend, client, and brother of one of our service crew members, passed away suddenly at the age of 62, we are in a state of full disbelief. Trevor will be missed by those who knew and worked with him. Whether it was for a “social call” or to get his vehicle fixed, he was a frequent visitor down in the garage throughout the course of the years. His visits might be categorized as either “social” or “automotive.”

In addition to this, he was a devoted follower of the page and was always eager to provide a helping hand whenever it was required. He was one of the most enthusiastic fans of the page. Others who knew him well claimed that he was either roaming around the arena putting up the stages or engaged in his signature quick-witted banter with whoever happened to walk by at the time. Both of these scenarios are possible. My thoughts and prayers are with the Purdy family as a whole, including each and every member of the Purdy family and every member of the Purdy family’s extended relatives.

Trevor, you need to keep her level of enthusiasm up. A few weeks ago, we were in Armagh for the marshal prize ceremony, and it was the last time we saw Caroline Mc Guinness and Trevor Maxwell, along with the rest of the great people who were in the room with us. Throughout the night, we had a terrific time catching up with one another and laughing our faces off. It is still very difficult for us to accept the fact that Trevor Purdy is no longer here with us. Rest in peace, Trevor.