Vernie Wells Death, Obituary – At the Mahaska Health Hospice Serenity House in Oskaloosa on the evening of Saturday, December 17, 2022, Oskaloosa resident Vernie Wells died away. She had been ill for quite some time. She had been afflicted with illness for a protracted period of time. At this point, she had been afflicted by her ailment for a sizeable amount of time, which equated to a significant stretch of time. When she finally died away, she had reached the ripe old age of 96 after a long and fruitful life. Vernon Gene Wells was conceived as a result of the marriage between John Edward and Nora Eva (Silvers) Wells, and he was subsequently brought into this world.

John Edward and Nora Eva (Silvers) Wells Vernon Gene Wells was named after his parents, who were named John Edward and Nora Eva (Silvers) Wells. John Edward and Nora Eva Wells are the progenitors of the Wells family (Silvers). When he was born, his parents decided to honor his grandfather by bestowing upon him the name Vernon Gene Wells, which they bestowed to him in accordance with their decision.

After he was born, his parents came to the conclusion that the greatest way to pay tribute to his paternal grandfather was to give their newborn boy the name Vernon Gene Wells. The Wells family wanted to make it simpler for anyone to discuss their experiences with Vernie, so they came up with the idea to construct this page in her honor as a way to pay tribute to both her life and her memory. They hope that this page will make it easier for anyone to talk about their time spent with Vernie.

They did this as a means to honor Vernie in both of his incarnations by paying tribute in this manner. This page was made in her honor so that a homage might be paid to her life as well as the memories that she left behind. The Wells family members will be able to utilize the information contained on this website as a reference point for discussing any subject matter related to Vernie that may come up in the course of everyday conversation.