Alan Ash Obituary¬† – As a direct result of receiving the news of Alan “Ashy” Ash’s dying, we are in a state of great confusion and terrible grief. We are in this situation as a direct result of hearing the news of his passing. Since the sport of wheelchair rugby was first formed in 1995, Alan has been an active member of the community surrounding the sport. During that time, he has grown into a well-known athlete and a member of the wheelchair rugby family, not just in our country but also all over the world.

He competes not only in wheelchair rugby but also wheelchair basketball. In addition to competing in wheelchair rugby, he also takes part in a variety of other wheelchair sports. Alan has been an engaged member of the community of wheelchair rugby players continuously since the year 1995. This year marked Alan’s debut at the World Wheelchair Rugby Championship, which was held in Switzerland.

This was Alan’s first time competing in the event. Today marked Alan’s debut appearance in the competition, in which he had previously never taken part. After that, he went on to compete in a total of five other Paralympic Games, including those that were held in Atlanta, Sydney, Athens, Beijing, and Rio. In all, he participated in all of these games. Over the course of his career, he competed in each and every one of these contests.

Alan, who is a coach at both West Coach Crash and for the GB talent program, has been an extremely important contribution to the expansion of wheelchair rugby over the entirety of Great Britain. Alan is a coach at both West Coach Crash and for the GB talent program. Alan is a coach for both West Coach Crash and the GB talent program. He works in both of these capacities.

In addition to his other obligations, Alan serves as a coach for a program that identifies and develops potential in Great Britain. During this trying time, we want Alan’s friends, family, and teammates to know that they are in each of our thoughts and prayers. During this terrible time, we are thinking of and praying for everyone of you. I ask that you continue to remember them in your prayers and thoughts as well. All of you, individually and collectively, are constantly present in our minds and hearts.