Andrew Reseter Death, Obituary – Andrew Reseter was an experienced dancer, a kind friend, and a cornerstone in the culture of dance in our neighborhood. He passed away recently. Unfortunately, he died away not too long ago. In 2018, he was no longer with us, which is a terrible loss. Due to the fact that he played such an important role in the dancing community that we are a part of, it has left us with a terrible feeling to tell you the news that he has died away. Many people are going to miss him tremendously. Please accept our sincerest sympathies, and be aware that at the same time that we are relaying this information to you, we are also transmitting it to you in the form of a forward.

His wife, Maureen, requested us to pass on the information about the viewing and funeral to you so that you may have the opportunity to say your final farewells to him and celebrate his life. We hope that you will be able to honor her request and attend the viewing and funeral. As per her request, we are delivering the aforementioned information to you. We are holding out hope that you will be able to honor her request and come to both the viewing and the burial in order to pay your respects. She would have wanted this. We will keep our fingers crossed for the foreseeable future in the expectation that you will be able to accompany us on this trip.

On Tuesday, December 27, the family will be present at the Schulte Mahon Murphy funeral home situated on Mayfield Avenue to meet and greet guests beginning at three in the afternoon and continuing until seven o’clock in the evening. This will take place on Tuesday. This will take place on the day when the funeral is scheduled to take place. This event is going to go forward just as it was originally planned. On Wednesday, December 28, at 10:30 a.m., his funeral will be conducted in the Church of the Gesu on Miramar in University Heights, and a feast will immediately follow the ceremony. His service will be followed by the feast.

The memorial service for him will take place on Wednesday of this week. This year, on December 28th, he took his last breath and departed this world. When that time comes, it will be necessary for him to promptly begin carrying out the responsibilities that have been assigned to him. On Tuesday, December 27th, and Wednesday, December 28th, there will be no lessons offered at this location because of the celebration of Christmas and the holidays that are linked with it. I am grateful that you are able to understand the significance of what it is that I am endeavoring to convey to you, and I want to express my appreciation for your ability to do so.