Colonel Williams Death, Obituary – Today, with a heavy heart, we must share the news that Colonel Williams has passed away. Colonel Williams had a long and distinguished career. We shall miss having him around. Yesterday morning, his pickup became stopped on some ice in his driveway, and he was struggling to get it rolling again. He was frustrated because he couldn’t get it moving. Since he went away so quickly, it is likely that he over exercised himself while he was engaged in these activities. It was in the year 1980 when he first joined our group as a member of the staff. Before then, he had spent a good number of years working for Larry Breyer, who was the previous owner of the business.

It was unclear to him whether or not he wanted to work with us given the big number of clients he had whose lawns needed to be mowed. Because he did not want to disappoint any of his clients, he delayed making a choice in order to protect their satisfaction. His demeanor was as steady as a rock in the face of any challenge. When it comes to getting the task done, you are always polite and you never show any signs of sluggishness. You are one of the very few people I have ever met who are as helpful and kind as you are, and you are one of the very few people I have ever met who are as wonderful as you are. Before he started working for Covid, he had an impeccable attendance record at the company where he previously worked. Whenever I was in need of locating a tool such as a broom, putty knife, crowbar, etc.

I would ask Colonel if he had seen it, and he would, without fail, lead me in the direction of the right spot to find it. When I was in need of locating a tool, I would ask Colonel if he had seen it. When I asked Colonel whether he had seen it, he sent me to the right place to look for it and told me he had seen it there. In the event that there was some type of reset at the grocery shop, and I was unable to identify a product, I turned to Colonel for aid.

He was the one I went to for guidance. Following this event, both the Luzerne Market and the town itself will no longer be able to be found in their former incarnations. It feels precisely the same as if one of my loved ones had died away at this very moment. I have a profound sense of loss.