Eamon Mitchell Death, Obituary – Eamon Mitchell, who had most recently lived in Gurteen but was originally from Knockroe, passed away not too long ago. Mitchell was a former member of the Killimordaly Hurling Club and had lived there most recently. The club is in a state of grief as a result of hearing the news of his passing, which occurred recently. Eamon Mitchell spent his childhood years in the community of Knockroe. We are keeping his sons Eddie and Michael, his daughter Claire, his daughter Martina, and his daughter Marie, as well as their spouses and his grandchildren, in our thoughts and prayers.

At this time, each and every one of them has our deepest and most sincere sympathies. In addition, Eamon’s brothers Paddy, Sean, and Gerard, as well as his sisters Mai and Ann, as well as the rest of Eamon’s family, the Mitchells, are in our thoughts and prayers at this time. Also included in this group is the remainder of Eamon’s family, the Mitchells. In addition, the Mitchell family is being kept in our thoughts and prayers. Eamon continued to make frequent travels back to Ireland to play hurling for Killimordaly even after he had relocated to England and played for all grades with the club during the late 1950s and early 1960s.

This was the case even after Eamon had played for all grades with the club. Even after he had played for all grades with the club during the late 1950s and early 1960s, this was still the case. In spite of the fact that he had participated in the club’s competitions at every level throughout that time period, he went ahead and finished this anyhow. As a result of Eamon’s excursions back to his hometown, he was able to win county titles at both the junior and the intermediate levels, ensuring that his time spent there was not wasted. These two achievements were both achieved in the same calendar year.

Aside from that, he was a crucial member of the senior team that came so close to winning the senior final in the year 1965. This squad came in second place, only a few points away from winning the title. The fact that he was successful at these levels guaranteed that the time and work that he put into returning home would not be in vain. When word gets out that Eamon has passed away, everyone who knew and cared about him will be struck with a terrible sense of grief.