Faith Collins Obituary – Faith Sheree Collins and her unborn child, Ashton Dean Somers, fled the scene of the crime together. Sheree Collins was pregnant at the time. Both of them have been taken to a place of serenity by Jesus, who is both their Lord and Savior. He is currently holding both of them in his arms and watching over them. Faith On September 4, 1992, “Monker” Fay was born in the city of Honesdale, in the state of Pennsylvania.

The nickname “Monker” was bestowed to her by her seven brothers, namely James S. Fay, Jason P. Fay, Jeffrey A. Fay, Jacob H. Gries, and Justin L. Gries, in addition to Jared W. Collins. The fourth of September is Faith “Monker” Fay’s birthday. Her brothers James S. Fay, Jason P. Fay, and Jeffrey A. Fay, together with Jacob H. Gries, Justin L. Gries, and Jared W. Collins, were all very proud of her accomplishments. Her mother was also very proud of her. Her mother and father shared her feelings of pride in their daughter.

Sherry Reed, her devoted mother and spiritual guide in the Lord, who resides in Beach Lake, Pennsylvania, is the only one who will remember her. Sherry Reed is the only person who will remember her. She alone will keep her memory alive and be able to recall her. Faith’s boyfriend Robert E. Somers, who is also the father of her unborn children, will also be left behind.

Faith was pregnant with Robert’s children, and Robert loved and supported her without condition. Robert was Faith’s father. Additionally, Faith will have to say goodbye to their unborn children. Faith had a large number of friends and family members who were always there to offer her support and encouragement. She had eight nieces and nine nephews in addition to five aunts and one uncle. Not only was Faith extremely photogenic, but she also possessed a great deal of photographic expertise.

She placed a high value on the time she was able to spend photographing her loved ones, such as her pet dog Ella and her pet cat Kylo. Sheila Grosch, Faith’s grandmother on her mother’s side, who lived in Fosterdale, New York, and Leon Grosch, Faith’s grandpa on her father’s side, who lived in Honesdale, Pennsylvania, both moved away before Faith was born. Sheila Grosch was Faith’s grandmother on her mother’s side, and Leon Grosch was Faith’s grandpa on her father’s side. Jessica Daniels, her cousin, was another family member who passed away before Faith was born.