Hammond Beale Death, Obituary – The South Carolina legal community is in mourning with the departure of veteran litigator and judge Hammond A. Beale, Jr. He was admitted to the South Carolina bar in 1967 and served as a judge for both military and civilian matters. From 1967 to 1971, he was enlisted in the United States Army and worked his way up to the rank of CPT in the Judge Advocate General Corps, where he distinguished himself as a military judge. After completing his service in the military, he took early retirement in Columbia, South Carolina, and worked for the Veterans Administration for a number of years as a Claims Adjustor before moving into private practice. Throughout his career, he was an active participant in the Richland County Bar Association.

South Carolina Bar Association, and a number of other legal organizations. He was also the founder of Palmetto Law Center, P.C. Throughout his career, Attorney Hammond A. Beale, Jr. made significant contributions to the legal community in South Carolina. These contributions have a lengthy history. In addition to his service in the military, Attorney Beale devoted himself to assisting members of the legal community in South Carolina. He did this by participating in education and advocacy initiatives, such as mentorship programs and volunteer work within various organizations located all over the state.

In addition to this, he was very active in the local bar associations, where he mentored younger attorneys and advised them on how to better represent their clients in a professional manner while adhering to the ethical standards that were established by governing bodies such as the American Bar Association (ABA). With these initiatives, Attorney Beale sought out ways to bridge existing gaps between attorneys, law students, paralegals, and other members of South Carolina’s legal system so that everyone in the system could benefit from each other’s knowledge and experience in order to provide a higher level of service to the communities they represent.

Hammond A. Beale Jr. is being honored by the legal community as well as the Top Attorneys for his commitment to ensuring that justice is served regardless of any specific circumstances or biases held by anyone involved in any particular case or situation that he presided over during his lifetime as an attorney or military judge. The legal community and the Top Attorneys salute him for this dedication. After his death, his legacy will continue to be carried on by those individuals working in South Carolina’s judicial system who have benefitted from his knowledge and expertise.