Jerome Johnson Death, Obituary – Jerome Leon Johnson, a resident of Lawrenceville, Georgia, has been identified as the individual who was fatally shot in what looks to have been an act of road rage that took place on Monday night in DeKalb County. The incident took place on Monday night. The occurrence took occurred late on a Monday evening. Late on a Monday night is when the event took place in question. When it came down to it, the event in question took place late on a Monday night. Johnson, age 39, was tragically shot when he was sitting in a car after an incident of road rage that occurred on Monday night close to Stone Mountain. The incident took place near the mountain. The incident with the gunshot took occurred in the vicinity of Stone Mountain.

The event took place at a time when travelers were heading towards Stone Mountain. The shooting happened in a residential area that is located close to Stone Mountain. The event took place in the region that is located adjacent to the mountain where it can be found, and it was there that it took place. Johnson was reportedly sitting in an SUV outside of Will Henry’s Tavern in Stone Mountain, which is located at 1228 Rockbridge Road Southwest, when a suspect riding a bicycle opened fire on the SUV, causing Johnson to sustain injuries that are considered to be life-threatening. Johnson was taken to the hospital, where he is currently being treated for his injuries.

When the incident took place, Johnson was said to have been inside the SUV, according to the accounts. Johnson sustained injuries and was sent to the hospital, where he is presently receiving treatment from the physicians and other medical staff members. Will Henry’s Tavern may be found at 1228 Rockbridge Road Southwest, in case anyone is interested in paying it a visit. The Southwest neighborhood is home to a pub that can be found at the address 1228 Rockbridge Road Southwest. The neighborhood is referred to as the Southwest.

It was decided that the injuries that Johnson had sustained as a direct consequence of the gunshot that he had been subjected to were the immediate cause of Johnson’s passing away as a direct consequence of the injuries that Johnson had sustained. The relevant authorities did not provide any information that may be interpreted in any way that could be regarded questionable. It is going to take some time before the findings of the investigation into the chain of occurrences that led up to the unfortunate tragedy can be reviewed, and it will take much longer before one can arrive at a conclusion regarding what took transpired.