Jessica Giordano Obituary, Death – The passing of our dearly loved Jessica Giordano is something that we must share with you all with a heavy heart. She was a beautiful person in general as well as a wonderful coworker, and she will be missed by a lot of people. Please say a prayer for her family and friends. I will be organizing a fundraiser to help support her family, including her parents and her children. It is necessary for me to organize my ideas and formulate a strategy at this time. I shall make a post on this website in order to keep her clients updated.

My cousin Corrie Burdick is an incredible mother, sister, daughter, aunt, cousin, friend, and artist on top of all the other roles she plays in our family. Despite the fact that she has struggled with her health for over 30 years, she has made the most of every moment of her life. When she was 21 years old, she was a pedestrian when she was hit by a drunk driver. Her leg was amputated in 2014 after the injury caused her many years of pain and other complications.

Unfortunately, insurance only covers half of the cost of a prosthesis, which costs approximately $20,000, and she still owes money on a leg that she could not use. Her battle with cancer began when she was 36 years old. She initially fought breast cancer, then in 2020 she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and now her disease has returned in an aggressive form, causing her to undergo chemotherapy once more. As she is taking unpaid FMLA leave at this time, it seems likely that she will miss the rest of the school year. Both of her daughters are currently enrolled in school.

Her younger daughter, Luci, who has Type 1 Diabetes, is currently a junior at SUNY Brockport. Corrie must do everything in her power to keep her health benefits, not only so that she may continue receiving treatment for her cancer but also so that her girls can continue to be covered by her insurance. My expectation is that she will be able to use the money from this to continue receiving her health benefits, keep her house payments current, and cover her living expenses while she is on leave. During this holiday season, let’s make sure that Corrie, Savvy, and Luci have our love, our prayers, and our financial assistance.