John McLeod Death, Obituary – We would like to express our sympathies to Robert John “Jack” McLeod’s family and friends on the occasion of his demise on December 8 at the age of 92. Robert John “Jack” McLeod was born on December 8, 1926. The day that Robert John “Jack” McLeod was born, December 8, 1926, was also the day that he passed away, December 8, 2018, exactly 92 years later. He passed away on December 8th, and that was the day that he went to be with the Lord. Robert John “Jack” McLeod entered this world on December 8th, 1926. This day marks the 92nd anniversary of his birth. Jack was a common abbreviation for his full name.

At that same instant in history, he already had 92 years’ worth of experience under his belt as a fellow human being. The passing of Robert John “Jack” McLeod was a devastating event for the community, and its members have since expressed their sympathies to his family and friends as well as the rest of his community. Unfortunately, he is no longer able to take part in our activities with the same degree of engagement as in the past when he did so in the past. Jack was a skilled hockey player who had a successful career in the sport during his time playing it.

During that time frame, he was a member of the New York Rangers of the National Hockey League (NHL), a team with which he was affiliated for sections of five different seasons. He spent a total of five seasons playing with the Rangers in their organization. During his stint with the organization, Jack was a member of the Texas Rangers baseball team for a combined total of ten years, playing a total of those years as a player. Jack led the Rangers to two Stanley Cup victories when he was a player for the team. Both of those victories came while Jack was acting as the Rangers’ captain.

During this time period, Jack is recognized with being the driving force behind the Rangers’ success. Jack has been honored with a large number of accolades and awards during the course of his illustrious and fruitful professional career. These honors and accolades have been bestowed upon him at a variety of different junctures at various points all along the course of his career. It is clear that the Rangers enjoyed a great deal of success throughout that period of time as evidenced by the fact that they were able to win a total of three Stanley Cups during that stretch of time.