John Walsh Death, Obituary – It has come to our knowledge that another wonderful Portlaoise Gael has died away, and the news of their passing has left us in a state of complete and total devastation. John “Forney” Walsh was a gentleman known for his respectability and his ability to maintain a low profile. His nickname was “Forney.” The overwhelming majority of people had happy memories of him sitting on the window-sill outside of his home on Grattan Street, where he would always have a nice word for anybody who walked by. His home was located on Grattan Street. Grattan Street was the address of his residence there.

An incredible likeness of John was captured in a photograph that was taken of him in this setting. You can view it here (credit to Portlaoise Street Scene photography. John had a successful and lucrative career as a plumber when he was younger thanks to his extensive experience in the trade. In addition, when he was younger, he excelled in the sports of hurling and football while playing for the Town. During that time, he was a member of the Town. He was a member of several teams that won their respective championships after competing in such tournaments when he was on those teams.

Throughout the majority of his playing career, he was known primarily as a skilled and courageous hurler; however, his most glorious moment may have occurred during the Leinster football winning campaign of 1972, when he scored a famous game-winning goal to steal the game from a Tony McTague-powered Ferbane team. This goal allowed him to steal the game from a Tony McTague-powered Ferbane team and win the championship for Leinster. It was thanks to this goal that he was able to wrest the game away from a Tony McTague-powered Ferbane squad and enabling Leinster to win the championship.

This goal was very necessary in order to prevent Ferbane from coming out on top. Before John left on his trip, both his parents, Jack and Ann, as well as his brother in law, Donal, had already left. John was the only one of the four to make it out alive. Pat, Mary, and Matt, who were all his siblings, had the utmost regard for him due to the role that he played as a brother in their family. Due to his passing, his devoted family, together with his sisters in law, nephews, nieces, grandnephews, grandnieces, cousins, and various other relatives and friends, are in a state of profound sadness.