Jonathan Bell Death, Obituary – We’re in a state of disbelief after learning the news that my good buddy Jonathan Bell passed away suddenly yesterday. His passing came as a complete shock to me. Everyone was taken completely aback when they heard the news of his passing away. In spite of the strike, I was looking forward to making the trip from Peterborough to Loughborough so that I could attend the party that was being held in Loughborough in honor of his 30th birthday and check out his new(ish) apartment in Loughborough.

Both of these events were going to take place in Loughborough. I was planning on going to look at his new(ish) apartment when it opened its doors. Over the course of more than ten years, he was someone who had a significant influence on the course of my life. During this trying time, my thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. I am sorry for their loss. When a person is going through what they are going through, it is difficult to have compassion for them.

We have to put up with criticism and erroneous allegations on a daily basis since I made the decision to NOT have the jab and advised everyone whom I believed I could persuade NOT to get it. Because of this, I believe that I am able to persuade. This is the only option I have at this point. The quantity of ignorance that people possess as well as their capacity to control the behavior of others has reached astounding new heights.