Joshua Ernst Obituary, Death – The death of the man whose body was discovered in the creek by the Hillsboro Lion’s Club and the Hillsboro High School the previous week has been in the news recently. Joshua Ernst, a resident of Hillsboro who was 33 years old at the time of his death, had a forensic autopsy performed on him by a board-approved forensic pathologist who had been contracted by the coroner’s office to perform the autopsy.

The coroner’s office is responsible for paying for the services of the forensic pathologist. The autopsy was performed at the Memorial Medical Center in case you were wondering where it took place. The findings of the autopsy are in line with what the investigators observed as they viewed the video surveillance footage that they had obtained, which spanned several hours in total. The findings of the autopsy are in line with the findings and observations made by the investigators.

In the video, Ernst is seen going into the creek by himself a number of times, and this behavior is captured on camera. It does not appear at this early stage in the investigation that any criminal element was involved in this tragic event. This is a positive development. Before we can arrive at a decision that is final, we need to finish the toxicology work. Both the Hillsboro Police Department and the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office are currently conducting an investigation together; however, each agency is responsible for their own distinct aspects of the investigation.

On Friday afternoon, a body was found in the creek that is situated in close proximity to the Hillsboro High School and the Lion’s Club. An individual who was a student and was on their way home when they came across the body of the deceased person. Following the completion of the investigation, it was determined that the deceased person was not a student. There is nothing that can be used to identify the person who has died, nor is there anything that can be used to determine what caused their passing. Neither of these things is possible because there is nothing that can be used.