Ken Morton Death,  Obituary – When I learned that Ken Morton had died away in such a shocking and unanticipated manner, I couldn’t help but feel an enormous sense of loss. His passing came as a complete and total shock to everyone. That that second, when I heard out the news, is one that will be ingrained in my mind forever. To put it another way, I lacked the capacity to regulate my impulses and behaviors. It has been a great joy to having him stay with us, and I will miss him quite a bit when he eventually departs. I hope to see him again soon. When I was fighting in the sport of boxing throughout the time that I was doing it, Ken would record all of the fights that took place in the crowded rooms where they were held and deliver commentary on each one.

He did this for the entirety of the time that I was doing it. Before each and every fight, Ken would always do this particular ritual beforehand. During that time period, I developed a serious fascination with the game that they were playing. Even went so far as to watch a few of their matches in person. When I was younger, I always had the notion that I was something of a tough man. This perception never changed. These fights are without a doubt some of my favorites out of the entire collection of them, and when compared to the other fights that are included in this package, they rank towards the top of the pack in terms of how impressive they are.

He came to a number of my fights with the intention of filming and recording them so that he could save the tape for some unspecified use in the future. His motivations for doing so are unknown. In addition to that, he used his phone to record the battles. Ken was a tremendous help to me when I was just beginning my career in the field of promotion; in later years of his life, he went on to have a prosperous career as a matchmaker.

When I was first beginning my career in promotion after having recently graduated from college, Ken was an incredible support for me and helped me get off to a great start. My heart has been heavy ever since Ken passed away, and it saddens me to think that you and the rest of your family must be going through such a difficult time as a direct result of the tragedy that has taken place in your family. I am sorry that anything like this has occurred.