Marion Donnelly Death, Obituary – All of us here at Ulster GAA are in a state of great sadness as well as a profound state of shock as a result of the passing of our cherished coworker and friend Marion Donnelly. Marion, who passed away suddenly last night, was a devoted member of the Emyvale Club and served as a GAA delegate for Monaghan County on the Ulster Council. She was also a member of the GAA. Marion was a remarkable member of the community who generously donated her time and was held in the highest esteem by everyone who had the privilege of engaging in conversation with her.

She was a member of the Ulster GAA Finance Committee and served in that position prior to being elected as one of Monaghan’s two representatives on the Ulster Council in December 2020. Her election took place at that time. In addition to her position as Secretary of the Ulster GAA Club Planning & Physical Development Committee, she formerly served on the Ulster GAA Hearings Committee and the Ulster GAA Scór Committee. Currently, she is a member of the Ulster GAA Club Planning & Physical Development Committee. If she hadn’t helped us out, our current financial situation would be a lot more precarious.

Marion was a fantastic GAA administrator who was known for always putting the needs of others before her own. This trait earned her the reputation of always putting others before herself. She was someone who put others before herself and worked very hard. She was a person who was able to get things done while keeping out of the spotlight and working behind the scenes, and she never asked for acknowledgment for the things that she did behind the scenes. Marion served as the Treasurer of the Monaghan County Committee from 2005 until 2015, and prior to that, she was both the Assistant Treasurer and the Assistant Secretary for the organization.

Her time spent in the role of Treasurer stretched well over a decade. At the time of her passing, she was serving both as the Treasurer of the Emyvale GAA Club and as a central participant in the process of establishing the Monaghan GAA Training Centre in Cloghan. Both of these positions were held at the time of her passing. Both of these projects would not have been successful without her significant contributions. The news of her passing has left all of us at Ulster GAA feeling terribly upset.

We would like to convey our deepest condolences to her daughter Aoife, son Colin, sister Nuala, brother Terence, and the rest of her extended family, as well as to her many friends and colleagues. In addition, she is remembered by the members of the Monaghan GAA County Committee and the Emyvale GAA Club, both of which she served on throughout her time in the GAA. At this time, each and every one of you is in our thoughts and prayers.