Matt Blank Obituary, Death – It was earlier this month when we learned of Matt Blank’s passing. I am posting this as his next of kin because I want it to be readily available to anyone who might have a need for the information and because I want it to be easily accessible. Matthew Blank passed away in a sudden and unexpected manner on the 8th of December 2022 while he was at home. The phrase “consigliere of culinary arts, golf, music, and friendship” was aptly used to describe him by one of his lifelong friends.

He had lived in the Tremont neighborhood for many years and was a strong advocate for the community there. In addition to being a well-liked bon vivant, he was an enthusiast for high-quality wine and music. He had a reputation for being quite the raconteur. After graduating from Cleveland State University and Loyola Law School, he worked in the hospitality industry for a number of companies, such as the Great Lakes Brewing Company and Michael Symons’ Lolita, before becoming Lindsay Smith’s right-hand man in the popular Gordon Square wine bar and shop Flight Cleveland.

Flight Cleveland is located in the Gordon Square neighborhood of Cleveland. Both schools have conferred their degree upon him. His grief is a great testament not only to his affable nature and dry sense of humor, but also to his kind, competent, and intelligent soul. His sense of humor is dry because he has a dry sense of humor. His grief is a dry sense of humor. His sister, Dr. Hanne Blank Boyd of Decatur, Georgia, his extended family, and an uncountable number of friends and chosen family members are among those who will carry on his legacy after his passing. In the not-too-distant future, the cremains of Matt will be interred in a family plot, next to those of our late mother, who also passed away.