Michael Zavatsky Death, Obituary – It has come to light that the individual who passed away in such a heartbreaking manner as a direct result of the terrible event that took place in the Conway region one week prior was a homeless man. This information has been uncovered. After it was confirmed that the individual who had gone away in such a horrible way was a homeless gentleman, this conclusion was arrived at. This information was uncovered as a result of an investigation that was conducted, which led to the investigation’s conclusion. Following the terrible event, an inquiry was carried out, and it was during that investigation that these details became known to those conducting the probe.

The victim was struck by a car, and he eventually succumbed to the injuries he acquired in the incident, which ultimately led to his passing and caused him to die. The victim’s death was the direct result of the injuries he sustained in the incident. The victim’s passing was an inevitable consequence of the injuries he sustained as a result of the event. The victim’s injuries, which he sustained over the duration of the confrontation, were the direct cause of his passing.

Michael Zavatsky, 61, passed away on Wednesday, December 14, as a result of injuries he incurred after being struck by a car on Highway 701 at Hairnook Road. His death was a direct consequence of the injuries he experienced. The severity of his wounds ultimately led to his untimely death. Because of the injuries that he experienced, he passed away as a direct consequence of those injuries in the end. The seriousness of his wounds was ultimately what led to him passing away much too soon after it happened.

In the end, he succumbed to his injuries and passed away as a direct consequence of those injuries, which is evidence that those injuries were the primary factor in his passing away. The severity of his wounds ultimately proved to be deadly, and he passed away a considerable period of time too soon after the occurrence that had taken place as a result of the unfortunate turn of events. At the intersection formed by Hairnook Road and Hairnook Road Extension is where the event took place that ultimately led to the collision between the two vehicles.

According to Lance Corporal Tyler Tidwell, the incident occurred on Highway 701 at Hair Nook Rood when a 2002 Toyota Camry that was going northbound on Highway 701 struck a pedestrian. The Camry was traveling in the northbound direction on Highway 701. On Highway 701, the Camry was traveling in the direction of the northbound traffic. While traveling north on Highway 701, a Camry was going in the opposite direction. A transfer was made so that the victim, who was already in critical condition when he arrived at the hospital, could be treated there. The event in question took occurred on Highway 701 specifically at that location at the time specified earlier at the aforementioned hour.