Raynard Cook Obituary, Death – In the 1990s, Cascade Heights became a power, comfort, and prestige address in Atlanta. A terrible crime occurred on October 16, 1996. Clint Rucker, a former acting district attorney in Fulton County, Georgia, “called 911” Next, neighbors stated that Leonard Cook found his mother’s bloody body at home. Former Fulton County Police Chief Gary Styles announced the 49-year-old victim had died.

Blood was found at the door and under his bedroom stairs. Blood covers Judge Cook’s “Re-elected Judge Cook” T-shirt. Faith, passion, and ambition define Cook. Some speculate her suicide after losing her bench place. The medical examiner found Cook had been shot in the right shoulder and dismissed the theory. Cook’s residence was searched and a 0.9 mm projectile and blank brass casing were found. Blood was found on the cut-through phone’s keypad.

Former AJC reporter Rhonda Cook stated, “She tried to drag herself down to call the phone and bled.” Slow death. Detectives seek evidence and motives. Was the murder related to Cook’s plan? A strike? personal? Renard Cook’s room was broken into and looted, according to police. Officers found a shoebox with marijuana and cash in the room. Leonard told investigators his daily routine. He departs for school at 7, practices football from 3:30 to 6, then returns home to see his mother’s death and runs to the neighbor’s. Leonard sold narcotics for pocket money.

Cook and his son, a Woodward College student, had a strained connection. Detectives met with students who corroborated Leonard’s attendance. Cook’s involvement in the legal system inspired officials. Crime scene fingerprints and DNA evidence didn’t lead anywhere. Investigators questioned Cook’s acquaintance to see if he had expressed concerns. Cook expressed concern for his son, according to a colleague.

“He’s terrified he’ll do something stupid,” said friend Sandra Mars-Robinson. Neighbors were contacted to verify Renard’s story. Detectives said he cradled his bloody mother in his arms. The neighbor stated he made the teen sit on his white sofa when he arrived. Rucker informed producers, “If I saw a drop of blood, he wouldn’t be on my couch.” “Leonard lied,” The murder weapon is investigated. One Woodward College student informed him Leonard bought a Glock 9mm for $150 two weeks before shooting his mother. It matches the judge’s rifle.

Renard took his Glock to a gun shop for a faulty trigger. Renard told officers he put away the malfunctioning rifle. A relative told detectives Renard that a masked man shot his mother. Leonard was arrested. He was accused of murder, manslaughter, assault, and gun possession. Renard Cook’s trial began on March 20, 1998, 15 months after his arrest. The prosecution says Renard killed his mother in rebellion and fury. Judge Cook found marijuana and drug peddling caused deaths. Leonard shot his mother after witnessing her struggled to contact 911, dragged herself down, and starved to death. He started school.

The defense reportedly calmed Leonard and his mother’s anxieties. A jury deliberated after both sides rested. When the jury didn’t rule within 20 hours, both parties sat down to negotiate. Prosecutors would drop the accusation to murder in exchange for his public confession, which carries a 20-year maximum penalty. Rucker was promised less than a year in prison if he consented to the consultation. Leonard’s family made him promise not to plead guilty.