Richard Arguin Death, Obituary – Richard Arguin, 68 years old, was identified as the man who passed away on Monday as a result of an ammonia leak that occurred at a food processing business located in Norwood. The District Attorney’s Office for Norfolk County stated that a second individual suffered injuries as a result of the spill. However, emergency personnel were able to render the second victim stable, and he was then sent to Massachusetts General Hospital for further specialist care. On Monday, just after 11 a.m., emergency services got a 911 call reporting an ammonia leak that had caused injuries at the plant located on Morgan Drive in Norwood.

Norwood police and fire, state police, OSHA, and the Hazardous Materials Team of the State Fire Marshal have all arrived to the area and are currently conducting an investigation into the event. When the ammonia leak began, the two men were working for a contractor, according to the results of an initial inquiry conducted by the district attorney’s office (D.A.’s office). Arguin was pronounced deceased at the site, and the event received a ranking of Tier 2 for its severity as a hazardous materials occurrence.

Before being transferred to Massachusetts General Hospital, the patient who sustained significant injuries was initially brought to Good Samaritan Medical Center. The location of the leak within the building continued to have “dangerously high quantities” of ammonia as of Monday evening, and the district attorney’s office projected that it would be several hours before investigators could access the area. As a result of the preliminary inquiry, which included a study of the video security tape, it has been determined that no criminal activity was involved in the event; nonetheless, the district attorney’s office has said that “the investigation is at its very starting stages.

Ammonia is a toxic, odorless gas that, in its concentrated form, may be exceedingly harmful and even lethal. It has a pungent stench that can be identified from a distance. When diluted, it is frequently utilized either as a solvent or as a cleaning for the home. On Monday, the district attorney for Norfolk, Michael Morrissey, stated that the evidence that we have indicates that this is an extremely dangerous scenario for the firefighters, Hazmat technicians, and police officers that are responding. We are going to go forward with this inquiry as swiftly as possible while still ensuring everyone’s safety.