Rita Camilleri Death, Obituary – The names of the five victims who were killed in the mass shooting that took place at a condominium complex in Vaughan, Ontario, and ended with the suspected gunman being shot dead by police have been made public by the police. The incident ended with the accused gunman being shot dead by police. Rita Camilleri, 71, Vittorio Panza, 79, Russell Manock, 75, Lorraine Manock, 71, and Naveed Dada, 59, were all killed as a result of the shooting that took place at Bellaria Residences on Sunday, according to a press release that was issued by the York Regional Police on Tuesday According to the police, a sixth individual who was injured in the event is still being treated in the hospital for critical injuries.

This individual was injured during the incident. According to Jim MacSween, who serves as the regional police chief for York, many people are in grief. Jim MacSween, who works for the York Regional Police, was quoted as saying that “it is very important for not only us as an organization, but for the community to wrap their arms around these families and help them through this very dreadful period.”
Authorities believe that the alleged shooter, Francesco Villi, who was 73 years old and lived in the condo complex, used a semi-automatic weapon on his victims before being killed by a police officer who was stationed on the third level of the building. The officer who killed Villi was able to escape the building after being shot by the alleged shooter.

Court documents pertaining to a man with the same name as Villi hint to a protracted history of threatening members of the condo board, which resulted in the board attempting to have Villi expelled from the building. The case of Villi is being discussed in these legal documents. The hearing was originally scheduled to take place on Monday, but it was postponed after he passed away; the board was scheduled to testify in court on that day. Villi is alleged to have stated in other documents that he endured “torment” and “suffering” at the hands of the directors for a period of five years as a direct result of difficulties that were supposed to have occurred in the electrical room that was situated below his unit.

A ruling that was issued in July and dismissed Villi’s accusations against the members of the condo board as being “frivolous, vexatious, or an abuse of process” appears to have named Rita Camilleri, Russell Manock, and Naveed Dada as defendants. The ruling stated that Villi’s allegations were “an abuse of process.” On the evening of Sunday, Villi was one of the four people who tragically lost their lives.