Robert Wilson Death, Obituary – Robert Lee Wilson was the person who was engaged in the collision that took place on Monday evening in Iberville Parish, Louisiana. The incident took place in Louisiana. On the western coast of the United States is where the incident took place. Robert Lee Wilson spent his childhood in the city of Gloster in the state of Mississippi, which was also his home state. The accident that ended with fatal injuries and involved a tractor-trailer as one of the vehicles involved began as a collision between two cars and progressed into involving a tractor-trailer as one of the vehicles involved.

Accidentally colliding with another vehicle was one of the autos. Wilson was the sole person who was injured or passed away as a result of the collision that occurred on Monday evening in Iberville Parish and included a tractor-trailer. The accident took place in Iberville Parish. It was during the time that Wilson was behind the wheel of the tractor-trailer that was involved in the accident that the incident occurred. The collision between the two cars that caused the accident was caused by a single vehicle. Given that we are now in the year 2017, his age as of right now is 47 years old.

The vehicle veered off the road when it was traveling on Interstate 10 in the Rosedale section at the LA-77 exit, drove into a wooded area, and rolled over before coming to a halt before it was eventually able to come to a stop before it was finally able to come to a stop. According to reports, Wilson was driving an International Prostar 113 at the time of the accident, and he was the one in control of the car. The incident occurred as the automobile was traveling down Interstate 10, which was located in the vicinity at the time. There has been zero forward movement in the examination of the factors that led to the catastrophe.

has been no change in this regard. When the accident occurred on Interstate 10, the vehicle in question was going in the opposite direction of traffic that was occurring at the time. The investigation into what occurred is still going on at this very minute. It was found at the scene of the accident that Wilson had died as a consequence of blunt force trauma, which was the underlying cause of death. This was the cause of death that was discovered to have caused Wilson’s death.

This was something that was found out after the incident had already taken place. It was determined that this was the cause of death when the crime was being investigated at the scene. The investigation into the incident is still going on, and the investigators are making a concerted effort to figure out what factors contributed to the circumstance culminating in such a catastrophic end.