Roberta Ahdunko Death, Obituary – Roberta Ahdunko, a cherished member of our staff who was also a Pawnee, died away suddenly last evening as the result of a heart attack. In addition to that, she was a Pawnee, a member of that indigenous American tribe. As a result of the intimate relationship we shared with her, it is with a heavy heart that we must inform the individuals who are important to us in our life that she has gone away. She has reached the age of 66 at this point in her life and is now 66 years old at this time in her life.
We went ahead and continued with the celebrations that we had planned for our staff members and workers after gaining permission from the family to continue with the celebration as planned.

After receiving this permission, we moved ahead and continued with the party. Roberta was in charge of picking a big percentage of the deserving candidates for the staff awards that were handed today, and she was also in charge of selecting a sizeable portion of those persons. The awards were given out today. She made it a high priority to ensure that the other employees of the business were successful and that they had an easier time performing their responsibilities. She did this by making sure that they received the support and resources they needed.

In recognition of the accomplishments that she has attained in the past, the accolades that are bestowed onto members of the staff are now known as “The Berta Awards.” It is realistic to assume that everyone in the Pawnee Nation is going through a difficult phase right now; thus, the fact that we are all here together may bring some consolation for the condition that we find ourselves in. As you go about your day, we ask that you pray for her loved ones and those who were close to her.

Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Remember to keep them in your thoughts at all times. Please remember them in your prayers and keep them in your thoughts as they go through this difficult time. As you go about your day, we ask that you remember to keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you. I am grateful.