Sean Tobin Obituary – Mr. Tobin, Sean, and I would like to ask you a favor between the 8th of March and the 18th of November in the year 2022. This favor is needed between the dates of March 8 and November 18. Within the confines of the state of California is the town of Modesto, which serves as the county seat. Sean Michael Tobin passed away on November 18, 2022, in the city of Modesto, California, which is located within the state of California.

A Friday had been chosen as the day. The fact that he is now 42 years old has at long last caught up with him. On March 8th, 1968, Sean Tobin was born to his mother Paula and his father Leonard Tobin in the city of Turlock, which is situated within the boundaries of the state of California. Leonard Tobin is the name of the man’s father.

Sean’s primary residence for the vast majority of the formative years of his life was in the town of Hughson, which is situated inside the state of California. It was with Thompson-Hysell Engineers, where he worked for a combined total of 34 years during his professional career as an engineer. He began his career as an engineer with Mid-Valley Engineering and continued in that role with Thompson-Hysell Engineers.

Everyone admired him and looked up to him because of the exceptional way in which he carried himself. He set a good example. His mother, Paula Tobin, and his father, Leonard Tobin, in addition to a large number of friends and family members, such as his niece Carly Martin, aunts, uncles, cousins, and a large number of friends and acquaintances, are some of the people who will be able to carry on Sean’s legacy after he has passed away.

Those who knew Sean personally will also be able to do so. His twin sisters, Julie Martin (William) and Shannon Ruccello (Greg), are two among the many people who are dismayed by his decision to leave. Julie Martin and Shannon Ruccello are both disappointed about his departure.