Shontaine Johnson Death, Obituary – Unfortunately, on December 19, after only a brief battle with illness, passed away suddenly at the age of 39. Mummy, who has a very particular place in the heart of her daughter Ngarla, and who is loved and adored by her. Everyone who knew and cared for her will remember her with fondness and treasure the time they were able to spend with her. On Friday, December 30, at noon, funeral services for Shonny will be performed in the chapel of the Pinnaroo Cemetery, which is located on Graham Road in Bridgeman Downs.

The 24th of December saw the passing of Shonny. Those who knew Shonny well and will miss her are encouraged to pay their respects during her funeral ceremony, which will be immediately followed by her burial in the same cemetery. Her interment will take place as soon as possible after the service. The city of Chicago, which is located in the state of Illinois, is home to the DuSable High School, which Thomas attended during his high school years. Before Thomas was ill and was unable to continue working, he had experience in a wide variety of fields thanks to his extensive work history.

Thomas will be remembered fondly by his devoted companion, Janet Brown; his eight children, Towan, Chanekeya, Thomas Jr., Alma, Deana, Shontaine, Joseph, and Octavia; his eleven grandchildren; his three sisters, Gloria (Arthur) Wiley, Wanda (Sherman) Johnson-Willingham, and Marie Hayes; his three brothers, Richard (Mattie) Willingham, Louis Johnson, and Calvin Tims; and his special nephew, Demec Because he was born after his parents had already passed away in this incarnation, he did not get the chance to know them.