Stephen Berger Obituary – Stephen Berger was a guy who had lived through the Holocaust and had reached the ripe old age of 95 before he passed away. He was a survivor of the Holocaust. It is believed that he was the lone person to have survived the Holocaust. He was the guy who was officially recognized as the oldest individual who had ever been documented as having achieved this goal. He was the one who held the record. Stephen Berger was one of the fortunate few who made it through the Holocaust unscathed by any of the terrible repercussions that the Holocaust is known for.

We would like for his family and friends to be aware of how sorry we are for the loss that they have endured, and we would also like for them to be know that we are extending our most heartfelt sympathies to them during this challenging time. Stephen was an indispensable member of the HMTC family, and the expansion of the business was greatly aided by the contributions he made as a direct result of his hard work. The HMTC family would not have been the same without Stephen’s contributions. Telling the narrative of his own personal experiences to younger generations and, as a result, sharing the story of his own personal experiences with them.

He made the most of every opportunity he had to educate younger generations about the Holocaust and the dangers of prejudice. He did this by telling the narrative of his own personal experiences. He was successful in accomplishing this goal by providing a narrative account of his own personal experiences, which he related to the audience. He was able to accomplish this goal by giving them a story that was based on his very own life experiences. This was successful for him. This objective, which he had set for himself, was successfully completed by him as a result of his sharing with younger people the stories of his own personal experiences from when he was their age.

He was able to effectively accomplish this objective and serve this purpose by sharing with the audience the story of his own individual experiences, which he had personally gone through. He was able to do this by telling the audience about his own personal experiences. Everyone will go about it in their own unique way, but it will be very evident that they are all upset by his departure in some form, shape, or fashion. In spite of this, it will be quite clear that they are experiencing it.