Talina Henderson Death, Obituary – According to the information provided by the Lexington Police Department, it appears that a man shot and killed his wife, and then immediately dialed 911 to report the incident after he was finished. Stephon Henderson, 59 years old, was taken into custody by the police on Wednesday afternoon and charged with murder, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and violation of an emergency protection order.

Stephon Henderson was taken into custody on Wednesday afternoon. On Wednesday afternoon, Stephon Henderson was taken into custody and taken to prison. As a direct consequence of these allegations, Stephon Henderson was arrested and taken into custody. According to the details that have been provided, he dialed 911 at roughly 1:30 in the afternoon and informed the operator that he had just shot and killed his wife. According to the reports, when the police officers arrived at the flat, they discovered a woman who had died before their arrival.

This occurred before the officers’ arrival. Talina Henderson, who was 47 years old at the time of her death, has been recognized as the victim who passed away as a result of the gunshot wound. The Fayette County Coroner was the one who offered up this information. According to the documents that were submitted to the court, on November 20 the woman made a request to the judge for a protective order against Henderson. In her petition, she stated that Henderson had threatened her, and the documents that were submitted to the court support her claim.

As a direct result of Henderson’s conduct, she said that she feared for her own personal safety. According to the documentation that was filed with the court, the petition in question did not receive an immediate response of approval. There is a line in the section of the petition that is titled “Court Action” that reads “No imminent threat.” On the other hand, a hearing was intended to take place on the thirty first of this month, which is November. Despite having a bond set for him in the amount of one million dollars, Henderson is still being held at the Fayette County Detention Center at this time.