Victoria Houk Death, Obituary – The Mahoning County coroner was able to definitely identify the female victim of an accidental fire that occurred earlier this month in Youngstown as having been the lady who had gone away in the fire. The incident had occurred earlier in this month. In the earlier part of this month, the event took place in Youngstown. The occurrence of the incident may be dated back to earlier in this month. The incident took place earlier in the month, at the beginning of this specific week in particular.

Victoria Houk, who had reached the age of 70 at the time of her disappearance, was found to be the person who was discovered to have gone missing after it was established that she had vanished. This was confirmed to be the case when it was decided that she had gone missing. On December 7, a fire that began on E. Auburndale Avenue took the lives of numerous persons, including her. She was one of those who perished in the blaze. She counted as one of those individuals. A significant number of other people perished as a direct result of the fire. It was alleged that the woman was adding kerosene to the space heater when the fire started.

According to Captain Kurt Wright of the Investigation Division of the Fire Department, this was what started the fire. In addition to a kerosene can that was large enough to hold five gallons of the fuel, Houk’s home included not just one but two distinct kerosene space heaters. The kerosene can was huge enough to hold five gallons of the fuel. Because of its size, the kerosene can had the ability to store a total volume of five gallons of fuel inside of it. Wright claims that she has not had gas in the house since the year 2008, and he is the one who initially made this declaration.

Wright also claims that she has not had gas in the house since the year 2008. Wright maintains that he was the one who first brought up this issue, and that no one else was responsible for doing so. Wright asserts that he is in possession of evidence that he can present in support of his allegation. Both the Mahoning County Coroner’s Office and the Youngstown Fire Department are now conducting their own independent investigations into the incident.

Both of these inquiries are still being pursued at this time. As part of these investigations, autopsies have already been done on the individual who was determined to have vanished, and both of these investigations are still currently continuing.