Vittorio Panza Obituary, Death – Naveed Dada, 59; Rita Camilleri, 57; Doreen Di Nino, 80; and Vittorio Panza, 79. Dada, Panza, and Camilleri perished in the event that occurred at the Vaughan condominium. Di Nino was brought to the hospital and is doing well right now. Three members of a condo board who had been the target of the assassin’s ongoing campaign, along with two family members, were among the five victims of the “horrific” shooting that occurred inside a highrise in Vaughan.

The condo board had been the object of the murderer’s attention for a while. Russell Manock, 75, and his wife Helen, 71, as well as current condo board members Naveed Dada, 59, and Rita Camilleri, 57, and her lover Vittorio Panza, 79, are all shown in this photo. The partner of Rita Camilleri is also mentioned.

The sixth individual who was hurt and is receiving medical attention in a hospital is Doreen Di Nino, the wife of board member John Di Nino. In front of Sunnybrook Hospital’s emergency room, John Di Nino spoke with The Star. He claimed in the interview that Doreen is in “stable condition” and is working to recover from her wounds. They had “hope and anticipation” of a full recovery, he continued. The board members, who all give of their time and are dedicated to giving back to the community, were friends with the deceased people.

A memorial was put in place in the plaza in front of the Bellaria building on Tuesday. The Toronto Maple Leafs have shown that Panza was Victor Mete’s grandfather. Victor Mete was a defenseman who was born and reared in the Ontario city of Vaughan. Our thoughts and prayers are currently with Victor and his family, as well as with all of the other impacted family members and friends, as well as with the local community.

Camilleri was described as “an advocate for her building and for the residents in it” by Marilyn Iafrate, the local representative for the Vaughan area, in an interview with the Star. The remarks of Iafrate were directed toward Camilleri. Iafrate said, “I regret doing that. Personally, I believe she should not have participated in any way. I’m in complete disbelief that she was such a loyal person. He is “a happy-go-lucky individual,” claims Houshmand, who is in charge of the administrative duties at iPro Realty.

Dada was supposed to have had an exceptionally extroverted demeanor. Houshmand claimed that Dada gave all of his attention to his career in the real estate sector. Dada was a committed supporter of the game of cricket and a devoted consumer of news about investing and economics, according to his social media posts. According to Houshmand, Dada is single. We will never again feel like our lives are normal because of the alterations that have been made, whether we travel, walk, or just go about our regular lives. The government has taken our house away from us.

The long-running argument between the condo board and the gunman, Francesco Villi, 73, culminated in the mass murder that happened on Sunday. A recent lawsuit that implicated Camilleri, Dada, Russell Manock, and Di Nino was rejected as “frivolous” and “vexatious” for these reasons. The shooter in the altercation had been Villi. Those who perished in the Vaughan highrise shooting, including Vittorio Panza, who has an obituary.