Walid Loukili Death, Obituary – It has been established that the dead body of a man that was found in East Saint Louis is that of the individual who was identified. Calvin Dye Sr., the coroner for St. Clair County, has determined that the victim was Walid Loukili, who lived in the 1700 block of Bond Avenue in East St. Louis. Dye Sr. made this determination based on evidence provided by Walid Loukili’s family. Dye stated that a death certificate was issued for him at approximately 7:50 in the morning at the intersection of 40th Street and Lincoln Avenue.

The official report states that Loukil was shot numerous times and sustained multiple wounds. At this time, the East St. Louis Police Department and the Illinois State Police are conducting their own separate investigations into the fatal shooting. You may bring honor to God with the way that you live, and you can bring glory to God with the way that you die. To be more specific, this refers to the method in which one dies. Due to the passage of time and the constant development of circumstances, the people you know will not always be present.

Everyone you know will eventually pass away at some point. Each and every one of them You are currently passing away, and when you do so, you will completely leave behind this existence and all of its experiences and memories. Death is an essential component of the process that must be completed before a person’s relationship with God can be restored. The phrase “termination” should not be confused with “death.” That is the way that people in every single country on the planet think.

Believers are forbidden from engaging in such behavior. Death is not the end; rather, death is a transition into the subsequent phase of life. Death is not the end. Leaving behind this life and moving on to the next one that comes after it. The unfortunate reality is that when you pass away, it is not you that is destroyed but rather your physical body. You are not your physical form; rather, your body is only a covering for who you truly are. That is not something that I stated; rather, it is something that is said in the Bible.