Xzavier Evans Death, Obituary – Two brothers who came from the same family in Norfolk were killed in a car accident that took place on Interstate 64 close to Williamsburg. Both of their deaths were the result of the collision. One of the brothers, who was on the edge of becoming a successful musician, had his very first performance on Thursday night, which also happened to be his very last performance ever. As a direct result of the accident, their family dynamic is currently in shambles.
According to the information that was made public by the Virginia State Police, Xzavier Evans, who was 25 years old, and Jontae Russell, who was 21 years old, were two of the three persons who were killed in the collision. Both of their ages were listed as 21. The identity of the third person who passed away as a result of this tragedy has been revealed to be Montia Bouie, who was 19 years old and was originally from Chesapeake.
Their mother, Patricia Russell, revealed that she had received a troubling phone call very early on Friday morning, something that no mother ever likes to hear, and she said that the call had come from an unknown number. Through Xzavier’s acquaintance, she found out about the horrible disaster in which her boys and 20 other people were involved. The accident was responsible for the deaths of all twenty people that were involved. The incident that took place featured a tractor trailer as well as a party bus as one of the vehicles involved. They spent Thursday night in Richmond, where they went to watch Xzavier perform for the first time, which also took place on Thursday. After leaving Richmond, the bus was going to make its way back to the terminal.
Ciara Russell mentioned that in addition to being a talented rapper, her brother Xzavier was also a devoted parent. Xzavier is the older brother of Ciara. “It was just his son and the music that he had made, and it was just his son and the music that he had produced alone. My heart is breaking into a million pieces because that was the one thing that ever really meant to him, and the idea that something like this happened while it was just getting started crushes my heart “according to Ciara.
Ciara claimed that the two of them were more than merely connected by blood; rather, they were her best friends and the finest big brothers she could have dreamed for. Ciara’s statement was made in reference to the fact that they were related by blood. Ciara remarked that there was more to their relationship than just a biological connection between the two of them.