Angela Currie Death, Obituary – It is hard to exaggerate how significant Angela has been to the ongoing work of the Gateshead Older People’s Assembly; she has played a vital part in the success of those activities. [Citation needed] During the period that she was the leader of the social groups for Deckham and St. Helen’s, members of both groups came perilously near to occupying all of the available seats at their respective meeting locations. During this time period, she was simultaneously responsible for managing both of these groups.

In addition to being a committed supporter of our community café, spent a substantial amount of time preparing mouthwatering meals for the people who get assistance from our charitable organization. The contributions that Angela provided were highly recognized by everyone. In addition, Angela has consistently demonstrated her support for our company throughout the years. Angela, who considered it her specific job to ensure that our restaurant always had an abundant supply of corned beef pies, quiches, and pastries, was the one primarily responsible for ensuring that this was the case. She was always one step ahead of everything that was going on.

Angela served on our board of trustees for a number of years in addition to volunteering her time to manage the pay point at our credit union during the entirety of her professional life. During this period, she was also in charge of managing the pay point. Angela was a wonderful person who devoted her life to bettering the lives of people not only in her immediate neighborhood but also those she met on her travels. She did this both at home and abroad. She spent a lot of time away from home due to her frequent travels.

To put it another way, she exerted a great deal of effort in order to accomplish the goal that she had set for herself. She was quick-witted and had a wonderful sense of humor, and she made sure that each and every one of us did our bit in carrying out the responsibilities that were assigned to us. Her sense of humor was razor-sharp, and to go along with it, her wit was lightning fast.

We are keeping Angela’s husband Ray, her sister Maureen, and the rest of Angela’s family in our thoughts and prayers at this time. During this trying time, our thoughts and prayers are with Angela and each and every member of her family. Angela will leave a lasting and positive impression on each and every one of us, and we will all cherish the memories we have of her.