Barri Hurford  Death, Obituary  – Barri Hurford-Jones passed away on Sunday evening within the confines of his own house, and the news of his passing has left all of us in a state of profound grief. Barri made the decision to become a member of the club back when it was still housed at Greenway School. At the time, Barri was working on the estate as a newly trained teacher at a Primary School that was located nearby. During that time period, the club was located in the aforementioned structure. He kept the role of 2nd XV captain from the 1958–1959 season all the way through the 1965–1966 season, a record that had never been done before and displayed his incredible dedication to the sport.

Because he was such a well-liked leader, no one ever disputed his status as captain during the eight years that he served in that capacity. This occurred at the annual general meeting. Barri’s excellent playing career at NBRFC spanned a total of eleven years of the club’s existence. The members of the organization conveyed their intention to establish the organization’s first Social Committee during the Annual General Meeting that took place in 1961/1962. Barri was anxious to lend a helping hand, and because he had previous experience working as a teacher, the newly formed committee was able to persuade him to serve as the committee’s correspondent.

In addition, Barri was excited to become involved. It was expected that he would continue to serve in this role for a number of years to come. In 1962, he was tasked with following up on a request made by club members to improve the club tie and investigate the potential of having a new design for the blazer badge. This work was handed to him because he had been given the responsibility of following up on the request. By the time the beginning of the new season rolled around, the silver unicorn motif had already been decided upon, and the club tie and the blazer badge had already been designed and manufactured before being made available for purchase.