Dale Harrop Obituary, Death – He was Lynette and Simon’s only kid, and he was their beloved and cherished son. An outstanding person who also happens to be Olivia McDougall’s brother and Matt McDougall’s brother-in-law. He is regarded as the world’s most renowned uncle by Tinka, Nova, and Summer. Everyone Dale knew, including his family, friends, and teammates both domestically and overseas, liked and valued him. Additionally, Dale enjoyed a high level of respect in his neighborhood.

After learning the news this week, I wanted to let my family, friends, and teammates know how shocked and saddened I was. I shed a small tear and then burst into laughter remembering all the wonderful times I had with Dale in the brief time I had spent in Dunedin during the Red Devils’ three-peat victory, and I wanted to express my sympathies to all of you. If everyone who has ever had the opportunity to speak with Dale were gathered in one place, I have a strong sense that they would all share the same opinion. It takes only a moment for the mere act of thinking about him to make you grin.

The glue man who liked it when all the boys were together and who enjoyed being in control of the group, a team member who helped to the success of the team and took charge of the group in addition to being a person of outstanding character both on and off the ice. My dear friend Dale, you will be dearly missed. Vandy, your Canadian friend. I’ve included a link to the live stream service because I want to make sure that all of the former import players for the Canterbury Red Devils can watch our teammate Dale’s game tomorrow.

He was stolen from us far too soon, but we can take comfort in knowing that at the moment of his departure, he was enjoying an activity he loved with people who meant a lot to him. We pray that you get the chance to achieve great heights, our lovely angel. On December 22, 2022, at 11 p.m., an event organized by WILD & CO VENUES is slated to take place on Ethel Street in Auckland, New Zealand’s Morningside area.