David Milliken Obituary, Death – David Milliken of Bangor, County Down, and owner of Davys Bikes has passed away. David studied at Scrabo high school. According to Paul Williams – ”I said goodbye to Mr. David Milliken, a longtime friend, and worker, yesterday. For laughs, Davy addressed me as Mr. Williams and called a few of his other friends by their first names. We used to travel together to the Circuit of Ireland rallies when we were younger, while we were both still in our teens. Since we were 16 years old, we had been close”.

In the years that followed, I made it a point to visit him at the Royal Hotel every Saturday night. Alan Stewart, Davy, and I usually go to Bangor on Friday nights for a few beers before going to the Bamboo Tree for a steak. He was the kind of person who was not afraid to get his hands dirty and would have helped everybody he could, wherever he could. He was the epitome of a gentleman, and I never once overheard someone criticizing him in front of someone else. Everyone will grieve for him in their own special way. Although he has left a significant void in my life, he also gave me some valuable memories.

Those are the memories I will never stop cherishing. My heartfelt condolences go out to Anne Marie Milliken, their children, grandchildren, and the rest of their family during this terrible time. RIP David Milliken, a senior I appreciate that even if we haven’t spoken in a long, we can still refer to one another as friends. With the death of David Milliken, a beautiful man and a dear friend, the brutal and merciless aspects of life were once more exposed. His devoted wife Anne Marie Milliken, his two lovely daughters, and their young baby Daniel is in my thoughts and prayers.

May it bring you consolation to know that you are not alone. He’s been excellent friends with Anne Marie for a very long time. Everyone in the room was able to laugh and smile thanks to you, David, and you will be sadly missed. There is nothing to be concerned about right now, my buddy. He has raised our three children, Katie, Daniel, and Clare-Rose for 35 years, and he is also Jack and Joe’s grandfather and father-in-law. In addition, he and my wife Clare-Rose are our closest friends. Even the words to express how angry I escape me. David Milliken till our next conversation.