Sheeraz Iqbal Obituary, Death – Sheeraz Iqbal a member of the Dads Night Band has unexpectedly passed away. Today, we said goodbye to a person who has been a shining beacon in our community. Simply said, Dr. Sheeraz Iqbal is unquestionably one of the most admirable individuals to have ever visited with us. We are immensely thankful to have had the chance to do so. A keen intellect, gifted and brilliant, with the capacity to enthrall audiences both on stage and in the workplace. a superb friend, dad, and medical practitioner, as well as being considerate and caring.

Even though it is unfortunate that he was stolen from us at such a young age, we should all be happy that he was able to spend some time with us. We were able to participate in an experience that will live with us forever because we were all co-chairs of DN 75. I am happy that we were able to name each other friends and I will be indebted to you for the rest of my loved ones’ life. I will miss having you around, Sheeraz. I’m Creegan, the person you chose. We lost Sheeraz “Doc” Iqbal today; he was a brother and a member of our band.

Earlier afternoon, one of the Dads Night Band’s members passed away. He battled cancer for a very long time, and although it was a hard battle, he can now finally rest easy knowing that he prevailed. We will always remember his leadership, excitement for everything he was involved in, ability to get others moving, and kindness. These are all aspects of him that will live on in our memories forever. Doc, you will always be remembered as a DNB legend, and you have our gratitude.

We just wanted you to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers right now, dear pal. You and he have done so many wonderful things for our kids and the neighborhood, and hosting “Dad’s night” is only one of them. I ask God to give his family the courage they need to overcome this difficult time.