Ethel Shaw  Death, Obituary  – Our deepest condolences go out to the rest of the New Mt. Zion AME Church family on the passing of our beloved First Lady Ethel Jackson Shaw. We are telling everyone with a heavy feeling in our hearts because of this news. A little over five years ago, when Sister Shaw joined her husband, Reverend Billy Anderson Shaw, in his post as pastor at our church, the Lord blessed us with an incredible gift that we are unable to completely convey through the use of words. This gift was given to us when Sister Shaw joined her husband in his role as pastor at our church.

The fact that Sister Shaw was able to serve the community in multiple capacities, including that of church pianist and head of the Women’s Missionary Society, means that her absence will be keenly felt. Sister Shaw, get some much-needed sleep! And if it turns out that we do love you, you should know that God loves you more more than any of us could ever hope to.It would be quite helpful if you could remember to pray for the pastor of our church as well as his family at this time. Thank you so much for your consideration in this matter.

The following are some of the locations from which it is possible to mail greeting cards:This is the Reverend Billy Shaw, if you were wondering.709 West Pear Street, Lakeland, Florida 33805 (United States),The following is a list of the specifics regarding the funeral service for former First Lady Ethel Shaw:The general public will have the opportunity to view the exhibit beginning at five in the evening and continuing until seven in the evening. On December 22nd, the get-together will take place as planned at the New Bethel AME Church located in Lakeland.

The funeral services are scheduled to get underway at eleven in the morning.Services were performed on December 23 at the New Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Lakeland, Florida. The church is located in Florida.At the intersection of Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue and New Bethel Street in Lakeland, Florida, you’ll find the New Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church. FL 33805It is going to be the responsibility of Oldham Funeral Home to make all of the essential preparations for the services.Oldham Funeral Home can be found in Lakeland, Florida at 1537 Kettles Avenue. This location is in Polk County. This place has a zip code of 33805, if you’re interested.