Frederick Pfeiffer Death, Obituary – It has been established that the victim of the gunshot that took place on Sunday evening in Kitchener was a man. This information was obtained via the use of forensic science. It was determined that the victim had passed away as a direct result of the injuries he had incurred, and he was pronounced dead at the scene of the crime. The victim has ties to Cambridge going back several generations. Since we are now in the year 2017, his age is 47 years at this point. Frederick Pfeiffer was shot, and the Waterloo Regional Police Department, who are conducting their investigation into the occurrence, have opted to examine the shooting as a possible homicide. An inquiry into the occurrence has been initiated at this time.

On the evening of December 18, 2022, at 9:15 p.m., the police were summoned to a property close to the intersection of Wellington Street North and St. Leger Street in response to a report that a gunshot had been fired at that place. The complaint came from a resident in the neighborhood. The fact that a gunshot had been fired at that area was the impetus for the filing of the complaint that had been made. They found a male victim who was suffering from gunshot wounds when they arrived, and they found the victim when they arrived. The victim was located when they arrived. The individual had signs and symptoms that were consistent with having experienced a high number of wounds.

The severity of the man’s wounds made it absolutely necessary for him to seek treatment at a hospital that was situated in an area that was distinct from the one in which he was found initially. He was found in a different part of the country. It turned out that the hospital in issue was situated in an entirely other geographic area. The victim did not make a complete recovery from the injuries that he experienced, and he passed away on Monday as a result of the impact of his injuries as a result of the injuries that he sustained.

The findings of the inquiry have given the investigators grounds for a strong suspicion that the attack was the product of some form of planning on the part of the perpetrator(s). Investigations into the incident are now being carried out by the Waterloo Regional Police Service’s Major Crime Unit, General Investigations Unit, and Forensic Identification Unit, each in their own right. These investigations are currently still in progress at this time.