Glad Knowles  Death, Obituary Gladys L. Knowles, who lived to be 86 years old and passed away on October 6, 2018, in the presence of her children at a hospital in Brewer, Maine, did not suffer from any pain or distress in the closing moments of her life. She was born in Caribou on the 12th of August in 1930, and the day after her birth, she was formally adopted by the Anderson family. This occurred in 1930. On that day, Arthur and Hildegarde (Peterson) Anderson became parents for the very first time, and they could hardly contain their excitement when they were finally able to see their daughter.

Gladys first had the opportunity to speak with Eleanor Roosevelt when she was just 15 years old and working as a cashier at Perry’s Nuthouse. At that time, Gladys was able to meet Eleanor Roosevelt. During this time period, Eleanor Roosevelt held the position of First Lady of the United States of America. Gladys was able to get her professional career off the ground at a relatively early age.She started out her working life as a housewife, but then went on to find employment at GTE Sylvania, where she remained until the day she retired. In total, she spent 25 years in that position before deciding to hang up her apron and enter retirement. Her brother Clifton, her sister Alice, and her son-in-law Ralph Reynolds all passed away before Gladys.

Gladys was the last survivor of her immediate family. Both of her parents had already passed away prior to her birth. Not only did Gladys’ parents pass away before her, but so did her husband of 43 years, Carl Knowles Jr. Both of Gladys’ parents and her husband passed away before she did. Not only did Gladys Reynolds lose her daughter, but she also lost her son-in-law, Ralph Reynolds, who was married to her daughter. Sadly, Gladys Reynolds passed away.
She is survived by her four children, Deanna and her husband Rodney, Debra, Craig and his wife Laurie, and Kent; her four grandchildren, Kevin, Joseph, Kimberly, and T.J.; her three great-grandchildren, Tyler, Bethany, and Elizabeth; and her one brother, Hartley, who resides in Arizona with his wife Sherrie. In addition, she is survived by her three great-grandchildren, Tyler, Bethany, and Elizabeth. She is also survived by her three great-grandchildren, namely Tyler, Bethany, and Elizabeth. In addition to her children and husband, she is survived by her three great-grandchildren, namely Tyler, Bethany, and Elizabeth.