Harold Olinger Death, Obituary   – On December 7th, 2022, Harold Lawson Olinger, who had spent his entire life in the Charlottesville, Virginia area, passed away. He had lived there continuously since birth. He was born on October 24th, 1931 in Berks County, Pennsylvania, on the family farm that had been in the family since his great-great-time. grandfather’s grandfather’s Paul W. Olinger was his father, and Alice Moyer Olinger was her name. He was named after his mother. He was the son of his mother and father.

Nina Kitchel, his wife of 60 years, and his brothers Lloyd, Curtis, and Arian all passed died before he did. He was the last surviving member of his family. His companion Roseanne Rosenberg, as well as his daughters Holly G. Olinger, Bootie Toms, Joilyn Schneller, and Kim Critzer and her husband, Charles Critzer, as well as his grandchildren Christopher King and his wife Brittany, and great-grandson Parker King; and his great-grandson are among those who are heartbroken over his passing.

In addition, he is survived by his great-grandson, Parker King. Harold continued his studies and earned his degree from Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, after graduating from Fleetwood High School in Fleetwood, Pennsylvania. Harold received his graduation from Franklin & Marshall College. Duke University, which is situated in Durham, North Carolina, is where he earned his Master of Forestry degree. He is a forestry expert. He received his education at that school.

Harold’s first job in the forestry industry was working for the organization that was the precursor to what is now known as the Virginia Department of Forestry. This is where he got his start in the forestry business. During the turbulent years of desegregation that occurred in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, Charles and Nina established their home in Farmville, Lawrenceville, and Chesapeake. These three cities are located in Virginia. These are the decades that we’re talking about when we talk about these occurrences. In 1977, he was awarded a promotion that put him in charge of Applied Forest Research and gave him the title of Assistant Chief. The year before, he was extended a job offer for this position.