Jeffrey Freeman Death, Obituary – A member of our class and a good friend, Jeffrey Freeman, died away earlier this week. We are passing on the sad news that he has passed away to you with a heavy heart. Please accept our condolences. The family of Jeffrey will receive friends and family at the Ray funeral home on Wednesday, December 28, beginning at 5 pm and continuing until 7 pm. This visitation will be held in Jeffrey’s honor. Your thoughts and prayers are with Linda, Jeffrey’s mother, as well as the rest of his family and friends at this time.

We are all going to miss having you around, Jeffrey. Make it a point to offer those you care about a few extra hugs and kisses over the course of the holiday season. Early on in his life, Jeff was subjected to significant influence from the history of his family, the environment of Tabernacle Baptist Church, and the one-of-a-kind musical experiences he had throughout his life. These factors combined to shape Jeff’s perspective on music. Both Jeff and his brother Alex have a deep appreciation for music, and since their parents have always supported and encouraged them in their musical endeavors, both Jeff and Alex have been able to continue pursuing their musical ambitions well into adulthood.

Not only were Jeff and Alex, who were siblings, very close to one another, but they were also the best of friends with one another. In spite of the fact that they lived on different continents, they shared similar senses of humor and mannerisms, and they were in constant communication with one another about their favorite songs, the news, flashes of memory from their childhoods, their children, and words of encouragement for one another. Along his journey, Jeff was able to amass a large number of close friends thanks to the good fortune he had. He did not take the quality of his friendships for granted and made a concerted effort on a regular basis to catch up with his friends, stay in touch with them, and have in-depth conversations with them.