Joe Coleman Death, Obituary – Joe Coleman It is with great sadness that the Whiterock and Westrock Historical and Cultural Society shares with the community that they are aware of Joe’s passing and have been informed of it. RIP. We have suffered the loss of a wonderful friend and neighbor who was well-liked and respected by a great number of people who lived in the Whiterock and Westrock areas. His demise has left us with a heavy heart. His many friends will feel a significant void in their lives without him.

As they make their way through this difficult circumstance, the whole Coleman family, including all of their loved ones, is in our thoughts and prayers at this difficult time. This morning, our beloved Joey was taken to the hospital, where he died away in a tranquil setting. Only three years old at the time, he was. People who loved and cared for him would cry deeply over his passing when he passed away because they would miss him terribly. Joe Coleman was born and reared at the address 65 Whiterock Gardens.

Which is also his current address. He is the youngest son of Katherine Coleman and Billy Coleman, both of whom have gone away, and the youngest brother of Liam Coleman, Hugh Coleman, Bobby Coleman, Emmanuel Coleman, and Margaret Coleman, all of whom have also died.  He is the youngest son of Katherine Coleman and Billy Coleman. It is anticipated that he will travel return to his home in Belfast, which is located at 89 Durham Street, Apartment 3 in that city.

You may contact him there if you have any questions. BT12 4GB The wake will start in the afternoon on Tuesday, the 20th of December, which is the day before Christmas Eve, and it will go until Saturday, the 24th of December, which is the day before Christmas. On that day, he will first be cremated, and then at 8 a.m., he will be taken to Roselawn for a humanist funeral that will be held there. The incineration of his body will take place at once after the conclusion of the service. Any anybody who has an interest in paying him a visit at his house is more than welcome to do so and will be greeted with a warm welcome if they do so.