Kayla Prather Obituary, Death – Authorities in the region are currently investigating an incident that occurred in Brown County. According to the results of the investigation, 35-year-old Alana Faulconer was driving a car on Greenbush East Road at 7:15 on Sunday night when she reportedly ran a stop sign at Route 68 and collided with another car. The police report states that Faulconer was with a little child when the incident took place. The other automobile had a young girl, Benjamin and Kayla Prather, and their daughter. Kayla Prather’s death was confirmed by the presence of medical officials at the scene.

When Benjamin and the daughter were taken directly to the hospital, their conditions were both quite critical. Although Faulconer and her passenger are believed to have just minor injuries, they still require medical attention. One of our younger athletes, Autumn Prather, competed in her first powerlifting competition on December 18. She entered the competition expecting to win two gold medals, but she was well beyond her expectations. After celebrating all day with Autumn’s extended family and friends, Autumn and her dad had just arrived home when the unexpected disaster occurred.

Nobody could have foreseen what would take place next. The sad catastrophe that damaged a family occurred as a result of a driver disobeying the signal to stop and continuing through the red light after the signal had flashed on the vehicle’s windscreen. The collision’s devastating impact killed Autumn’s mother, Kayla, while her father, Ben, sustained internal bleeding and is still in serious condition. Autumn needed medical attention for a severe concussion, many skull fractures, and a spinal injury, so she was flown by helicopter to Children’s Hospital.

Due to a spinal injury, she was also taken there. The costs involved with this incident will be very substantial even though at this point Autumn and Ben have both been discharged from the hospital. Our goal is to raise enough money to pay for both Kayla’s funeral and any potential post-mortem medical bills. We are grateful for any contributions given to support this family, and we will continue to pray for everyone’s quick recovery and for God to give them comfort during this tough time. Click HERE to visit Kayla Prather’s GoFundMe page.