Keith Treloar Death, Obituary – Keith Treloar, a former employee of the Wiawera Station, was called as a witness in the case. He was one of the individuals who monitored what was going on around him. On the 21st of December 2022, while she was making her final preparations for rest, she passed away in a tranquil and serene manner. Her demise took place on that particular day. At the time of her passing, she was encircled by the people who had been the most important to her throughout her life. At that point in time, he already has 91 years’ worth of experience under his belt as a human being.

The Beloved and Respected Husband of Jenny, Whom She Treasures and Whom She Looks Up to. An devoted and doting father and father-in-law to Andrew and Helen, Duncan and Vicki, Vicki and Mark, Greg and Sanchia, and Chris, in the order mentioned above. An attentive and doting father and father-in-law to Andrew and Helen. In addition to this, he is Vicki’s and Mark’s biological father in addition to being Mark’s father-in-law. Vicki and Mark are Mark’s biological children. He is the grandfather of the children who were born to Jason and Kirsty, Kelly and Matt, Ben and Robyn, Keith and Shannon, Caitlin, Flynn and Lucy, Sophie, Chloe, and Riki. He is also the grandpa of the children that were born to Keith and Shannon.

In addition to that, he is the grandpa of the children that Keith and Shannon have brought into the world. Because of his role as a grandfather, everyone of these people, as well as their children and grandchildren, consider him with a large degree of love and affection. Tom and Meg’s best friend, as well as Alex and Jake’s, Ellyse and Kate’s, Liam and Elsie’s, and Harvey and Fred’s, as well as Isla and River’s. Great-grandfather.

In addition to that, a reliable friend to each and every one of the persons listed before in this paragraph. After a little pause, we will go through the specifics of the memorial ceremony that will be held in honor of Keith, and then we will get down to the business of actually doing the service. There will be a memorial ceremony held in his honor, and the purpose of the gathering will be to pay tribute to him.